Poetry Night at the Dark Wine and Roses (1 July 1994)

Ilya walks in from the bookshop.

Feinan waves. "Hi, Ilya."

Ilya says "Hello"

Kevin Callahan nods to Ilya.

Adia nods to Ilya.

Caber grins at Ilya. "Jaw works, see?"

Ilya says "Got it bashed back into shape I see."

Caber says "Stormcrow was all too happy to oblige."

Glissa smiles at Caber. "Just in time. Goodness, I'd like to know your doctor."

Caber says "No you wouldn't. He's not big on anesthetic."

Glissa sips her tea. "Hmph."

Caber heaves a sigh. "Sit down, Ilya. Who's gonna start? How about Ilya, with a head-thumping demonstration?" He snickers.

Ilya sits down at the long oak and marble counter.

Ilya sits down and joins you.

Ilya says "Nope, just here to listen, wouldn't want to damage any readers."

Caber looks pleased suddenly, realizing that it's the Gibbous Moon. How appropriate.

The moon's current phase is gibbous, which corresponds to the galliard auspice. For more information, examine #1676.

Adia smiles into her coffee.

Caber glances at Glissa. "How about it? I don't wanna go first, but I'll go second."

Glissa blinks. "I'm still trying to think of a good one, actually..."

Caber looks to Adia and Feinan, hopefully.

Glissa sniggers quietly to herself, perhaps discarding something as too silly.

Ilya smiles and whispers something to Kevin.

Caber asks a waiter if the cafe has grapefruit and cheese.

Kevin Callahan reddens a little, and baps Ilya lightly on the arm. "N-no, I don't think s-s-so...."

Feinan motions Caber to go ahead, grinning.

Caber shrugs, stands, and walks to the center of the room.

Caber stands, leaving the table.

Ilya turns around in his seat.

Caber says "Uh, this one's the first I'll do, but I wanna take turns, y'know."

Adia turns on her stool to look at Caber, smiling slightly.

Feinan smiles, and watches Caber.

Adia says "Fair 'nuff."

Kevin Callahan turns to listen to Caber.

Caber says "It's about us. (He looks pointedly at Adia, Kevin, and Ilya) And our lot in life. Matter of fact, it's called 'LIFE'."

Adia leans back against the counter and looks attentive.

Ilya says "Well, starting off kind of personnal."

Caber takes a deep breath, then begins in as deep a voice as his adolescent throat can handle.

Caber says "Armies clashing on the shore"

Caber says "with noise of battle, din of war"

Caber says "Champions riding at the fore"

Caber says "sound horn of battle, call to war"

Caber says "From surf and lungs a might roar"

Caber says "in midst of battle, centre of war"

Caber says "Revel in slaughter, Beg for more!"

Caber says "And join the battle, March to war!"

Caber says "Slaying is a thirsty chore"

Caber says "in Maddened battle, Madder war"

Caber says "The general's banner has been tore"

Caber says "by vicious battle, furious war"

Caber says "Woe the soldiers on the shore"

Caber says "Clashing in battle, making war"

Caber says "They whose families are weeping for"

Caber says "wounded in battle, slain at war"

Caber says "Heroes now and forever more"

Caber says "though lost in battle, cut down by war"

Caber lets this last syllable taper off, finishing.

Ilya says "Kind of a downer, but I like it."

Caber grins. "Life ain't always pretty, as Spooner would say."

Adia grins.

Glissa's eyes seem to have lost themselves somewhere in the patio door, and she takes a moment to sit back and nod thoughtfully.

Porthos walks in from the bookshop.

Spooner walks in from the bookshop.

Caber heads for his seat.

Caber sits down at the long oak and marble counter.

Caber sits down and joins you.

At your table, Adia says "Nice work, kid."

Porthos waves to all, as he seems to know everyone here.

Adia waves to Porthos.

Caber waves at Spooner and Porthos, his first reading out of the way.

Ilya says "Hello."

Feinan nods. "Nice...depressing, but nice." He smiles.

Glissa smiles at Porthos and the unfamiliar woman, somewhat more vaguely than usual.

Porthos sits down at the long oak and marble counter.

Porthos sits down and joins you.

Spooner sits down at the long oak and marble counter.

Spooner sits down and joins you.

Caber gestures aimlessly. "Adia, Glissa?"

Feinan nods to Porthos and Spooner.

Adia looks at Glissa.

At your table, Kevin Callahan nods. "H-hi, Porthos."

Glissa seems to be trying to put together a story, but shakes her head. "Only thing I can think of right now is a very, very silly ballad."

Spooner says "Silly is good."

Feinan smiles. "What's wrong with silly?"

At your table, Porthos smiles. "What have we missed?"

Caber claps his hands. "Let's hear it for silly ballads!"

Ilya says "You missed downbeat, we can do silly."

Porthos nods.

At your table, Kevin Callahan looks at Porthos. "C-caber's first piece."

Glissa blushes. "Point. Um. Pardon my voice. I heard this in the SCA, but the story's much, much older..."

Glissa says "In a land of old in a kingdom bold there lived a fearsome dragon..."

Glissa's voice speeds up rather ridiculously, leaving her to gasp for breath between verses as she goes.

Glissa says "And the king he was in sore distress for his country's spirits laggin'."

Glissa says "Til along came a handsome daring knight he was dashing, bold and charming."

Glissa says "And he slew the dragon with his sword and a smile that was so disarming."

Glissa says "With a hey and a ho and a hey nonny no with a smile that was so disarming."

Glissa says "The king said 'sir I'd have your name!' Said the knight 'Sire, do not bother!'"

Glissa says "Yea verily, the knight quoth he, 'tis the same as any other.'"

Glissa says "'Well, for your deed of great renown you'll be repaid at your leisure"

Glissa says "In the bed of one of my daughters fair with a night of exalted pleasure."

Porthos grins.

Glissa says "With a hey and a ho and a hey nonny no with a night of exalted pleasure."

Glissa looks prim.

Caber turns red, snorting and snickering like a naughty schoolboy.

Glissa says "My first daughter has raven hair, she's a maiden pure and chaste..."

Ilya chuckles.

Glissa says "And she sleeps all night in the pale moonlight..."

Adia grins.

Glissa pauses. "Maybe I should stop there," she remarks calmly.

Ilya says "Why?"

Glissa chuckles. "Just kidding. Catch my breath."

Feinan grins, chuckling. "Yes, why?"

Caber waves his hands. "Sorry. Not on my account. I'll be good."

Spooner says "Most of us are probably old enough to hear the end."

Glissa says "And she sleeps all night in the pale moonlight, naked to the waist."

Glissa says "My other daughter is also fair; she's the fairest in the town..."

Glissa adds another dramatic pause. "And she sleeps all night in the pale moonlight naked from her small waist down.

Glissa returns to looking prim. She does a frighteningly good job. "And so the knight spent many an hour behind the castle wall..."

Porthos seems to like this one. Go figure.

Glissa says "But the ending to my story isn't what you'd think at all."

Glissa says "In neither bed of either maid was he repaid for his glory. He spent all night with the king instead cause this is a fairy story."

Glissa says "With a hey and a ho and a hey nonny no, cause this is a fairy story."

Adia laughs!

Spooner nudges Porthos, "That'll be ten bucks."

Caber huhs?

Ilya laughs.

Glissa grins, and dives for her tea.

Porthos laughs! He grins at Spooner. "No bet. I never accepted."

Feinan chuckles.

Spooner says "Drat."

Caber says "I really need to talk to Mac."

Kevin Callahan grins.

Caber looks at Adia. "Looks like it's up to you and Eskimo Nell."

Adia slides off her stool.

You stand and stretch, leaving your seat.

Adia stuffs her hand in her pockets. "Don't know Eskimo Nell... you'll have to settle for some Wordsworth." She grins slightly.

Adia pauses slightly, then begins.

You say "The world is too much with us; late and soon,"

You say "Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers:"

You say "Little we see in Nature that is ours;"

You say "We have given our hearts away, a sordid boon!"

You say "The Sea that bares her bosom to the moon;"

You say "The winds that will be howling at all hours,"

You say "And are up-gathered now like sleeping flowers;"

You say "For this, for every thing, we are out of tune;"

You say "It moves us not. Great God! I'd rather be"

You say "A Pagan suckled in a creed outworn;"

You say "So might I, standing on this pleasant lea,"

You say "Have glimpses that would make me less forlorn;"

You say "Have sight of Proteus rising from the sea;"

You say "Or hear old Triton blow his wreath'ed horn."

Adia pauses, then slides back onto her stool.

You sit down at the long oak-and-marble counter.

Porthos claps.

Feinan grins. "Nice." He claps.

Caber nods in appreciation, then applauds.

Ilya claps, "I think I actually have heard that one."

Kevin Callahan nods. "G-good..."

Adia smiles and takes a sip of her coffee.

Caber looks at Feinan. "So is it you, or back to me?"

Feinan chuckles. "I can try one, I suppose..."

Feinan stands, leaving the table.

Caber listens to a whisper from Ilya, then looks at Porthos and Spooner. "Unless, of course, you'd like to contribute?"

Feinan grins. "A little Kipling...." He smiles, and starts to sing.

Adia grins and listens.

Caber turns his attention to Feinan.

Feinan says "We are very slightly changed, from the semi-ape who ranged Asia's prehistoric plains."

Feinan says "He that drew the longest bow, ran his brother down, you know, as we run men down today."

Feinan says "Dowg the first of all his race, met the mammoth face to face, on the lake or in the cave."

Feinan says "Stole the steadiest canoe, ate the quarry others slew, died and took the finest grave."

Feinan says "When they scratched the reindeer bone, someone made the sketch his own. Filched it from the artist then..."

Feinan says "Even in those early days, won some simple viceroy's praise, through the toil of other men."

Feinan says "Before they hewed the Sphinx's visage, favoritism governed kissage, even as it does in this age now..."

Feinan says "And who shall doubt the secret hid, under Cheop's pyramid, was that the contractor did Cheops out of several millions"

Feinan says "More than shows in sudden rise to controllers of supplies, was a fraud of monstrous size upon king Pharoah's well-taxed civilians...."

Feinan says "Thus the artless songs I sing, do not deal with anything new or never said before..."

Feinan says "As it was in the beginning, is today official sinning, and shall be forever more."

Feinan trails off, and nods.

Feinan sits down at the long oak-and-marble counter.

Feinan sits down and joins you.

Caber grins. "I like it! Don't we suck?"

(Some missing.)

Porthos blinks at Caber. "That'd be her name, yeah."

Spooner raises an eyebrow and you get the impression that she is simply looking at Caber.

Feinan smiles. "Spooner? You want to try anything? Or Porthos?"

Caber blinks back. "Go fer it, dudes. Porthos?

Porthos shakes his head. "I'm no poet." He smiles. "Sorry."

Spooner says "Since the request was so tastefully made.."

Feinan grins.

Caber snickers. "Sorry...thought it might be more your style. How's this: Spooner, would you please?"

Spooner says "Shuttup, kid, before there's a limmerick in your honor. Tho' the occassion seems more for something of Yeats, or Macneice."

Spooner says "Say that the men of the old black tower, though they but feed as the goatherd feeds, their money spent, their wine gone sour, lacking nothing that a soldier needs, that all are oath-bound men: those banners come not in."

Spooner says "There is a tomb stand the dead upright, but the winds come up from the shore: they shake when the winds roar, old bones upon the mountain shake."

Spooner says "Those banners come to bribe or theaten, or whisper that a man's a fool who, when his own right king's forgotten, cares what king sets up his rule. If he died so long ago why do you dread us so?"

Spooner says "There in the tomb drops the faint moonlight, but the wind comes up from the shore: they shake when the winds roar, old bones upon the mountain shake."

Spooner says "The tower's old cook must climb and clamber catching small birds in the dew of morn when we hale men lie stretched in slumber swears that he hears the King's great horn. But he's a lying hound: stand we on guard oath-bound!"

Spooner says "There in the tower the dark grows blacker, but the wind comes up from the shore: they shake when the wind roar, old bones upon the mountain shake."

Spooner slips back into her chair.

Spooner sits down at the long oak-and-marble counter.

Spooner sits down and joins you.

Porthos rumbles quietly, clapping a bit. "I like it.' He nods.

Adia claps.

Ilya pauses a moment, "It's good."

Caber says "That was good. Appropriate, too, coming from you. I liked it too."

Spooner says "Don't thank me, thank Yeats."

Feinan claps. "Nice."

Glissa shakes her head. "You did it justice, surely."

Porthos grins. "I remembered: I have one to tell..."

Kevin Callahan nods.

Porthos stands, leaving the table.

Porthos clears his throat, holding back a smile.

Porthos says "My beard grows to my toes. I never wears no clothes; just wraps my hair around my bare, and down the road I goes." He grins widely, slipping back into his seat."

Porthos sits down at the long oak-and-marble counter.

Porthos sits down and joins you.

Adia grins.

Glissa laughs.

Kevin Callahan grins.

Porthos grins. "Shel Silverstein."

Ilya laughs.

Feinan chuckles.

Caber laughs. "Isn't that Shel Silverstein? Good stuff.

Adia chuckles.

Guest walks in from the bookshop.

Spooner chuckles, "Remarkable follow up, Porth."

Porthos nods. "I try..."

Caber nods to Guest, standing. "Back to me, then?"

Glissa smiles. "Thank goodness. I'm not up to the epics the rest of you do so well."

Guest nods politely, and finds somewhere out of the way to sit down.

Caber stands, leaving the table.

Kevin Callahan nods. "G-go, Caber."

Adia leans her back against the counter.

Guest sits down at the small booth near the patio door.

Caber before walking away from the table, addresses all. "This one is from Robert E. Howard. It is the reflections of King Conan upon his long career. I need a rhythm." He bangs lightly on the counter, nodding at others to join in.

BUM bumbumbum BUM bumbumbum BUM bumbumbum BUM

Ilya shrugs and beats on Feinan's counter.

Feinan grins, and starts up the rhythm.

Porthos idly thumps his fist against the counter. He looks as if he's really going to like this one.

Adia knocks her knuckles in rhythm against the counter.

Kevin Callahan starts knocking as well.

Caber grins at the Indian-like rhythm, then backs into the center of the room. He bangs his fist once against his chest, then begins, projecting as much as possible.

Caber says "When I was a fighting-man, the kettle drums they beat."

Caber says "The people scattered gold dust before my horse's feet."

Caber says "But now I am a great King, the people hound my track"

Glissa just shakes her head and goes back to her tea, eyes crinkling in a slightly dubious grin.

Caber says "With poison in my wine cup and daggers at my back."

BUM bumbumbum BUM bumbumbum BUM bumbumbum BUM

Caber says "What do I know of cultured ways, the guilt, the craft, and the lie?"

Caber says "I, who was born in a naked land, and bred under open sky?"

Caber says "The subtle tongue, the sophist guile, all fail when broadswords sing."

Caber narrows his eyes. "Rush in and die dogs, I was a man before I was King."

BUM bumbumbum BUM bumbumbum BUM bumbumbum BUM

Caber says "Gleaming shell of an outworn lie, fable of right divine"

Caber says "You gained your crowns by heritage, but blood was the price of mine."

Caber says "The throne I won by blood and sweat by Crom I will not sell"

Caber's voice rises to a crescendo on the last line.

Caber says "For the promise of valleys filled with gold, or the threat of the Halls of Hell!"

Caber nods to the thumpers, and sits. "Thanks."

Caber sits down at the long oak-and-marble counter.

Caber sits down and joins you.

Ilya applauds.

Porthos grins, clapping emphatically.

Adia stops thumping and claps.

Feinan stops thumping, and applauds. "Great!"

Ilya says "That's a good one."

Kevin Callahan grins. "G-good job, C-caber."

Caber grins. "So, Glissa?

Glissa blinks. The youngsters around here are an intriguing bunch. She claps, though looks faintly bemused by all this martial stuff.

Glissa says "So. Yes."

Glissa folds her hands. "Sewing. There's a thought."

Guest hides a smile

Glissa chuckles "I am afraid I can neither blare trumpets nor intone gory streams of blood nor quote Shel Silverstein. So perhaps a myth will do."

Adia sips her coffee and nods. "Go for it."

Spooner becons a waiter over long enough to whisper an order.

Porthos quietly waits for his turn with the waiter...

Glissa says "Well. Now, these people are gone now. The Nanai. A Chinese people who lived where the Russian border is today, on the northwest coast. They lived in yurts, and fished, and spoke many tales about the tiger and bear people who were their brothers. This is just a children's story, about a little girl named Elga."

Guest watches Glissa intently.

Adia leans back and listens.

Glissa says "She was Nanai. Her mother died when she was small. Her father, Soldinga, loved her dearly, but her stepmother... it's always the stepmother, one would think /sometimes/ the stepfathers would get the hard knocks, but alas no. Anyway. The stepmother got tired of the brat. Who never did any girl things like sewing or cooking, only woodcarving and fishing with father."

Glissa says "And she asked her father for a spear, and he made her one. And dogs... he couldn't get her hunting dogs, but he made her little wooden sled dogs, and reindeer too, and all sorts of boy things."

Kevin Callahan listens with interest.

Adia smiles.

Guest looks at you.

Glissa says "Because he loved her. And the villagers thought it was funny. Everyone thought Elga, with her tiny spear, and her wooden dogs, and all her boy things who hunted with her father was sweet. Except her stepmother, who had to keep the damn yurt, cook, and sweep, and repair things, without any daughter to help... goddess forbid Soldinga should do it."

Guest chuckles.

Glissa says "Oops. Lost my paradigm. Ahem. Anyway, everything went fairly well til Soldinga was boar hunting... without his daughter, for once, she was walking the dogs I suppose... and he stalked a boar a tiger was hunting too. And when he cast his spear through the boar, it went on, and into the crouching tiger person, who was not pleased."

Glissa says "And the tiger person lost an eye to the spear and said, Soldinga, that was my boar, and you took my eye too!"

Porthos smiles.

Glissa says "And Soldinga said, 'Oh, so sorry. Didn't see you there.'"

Adia chuckles.

Spooner chuckles.

Caber grins, applauding.

Feinan chuckles.

Glissa says "But the tiger person didn't seem amused, and decided to eat Soldinga. And you know, so the saying goes, once a tiger person finds out how tasty (and dumb) human hunters are, they keep eating people. So the tiger person started hunting in the village."

Glissa says "This was bad."

Glissa says "So now Elga had no father, and a bad-tempered stepmother, and a rather antsy village."

Porthos grins a bit wider, accepting his order from the waiter as he listens intently.

Glissa says "Now, Elga's stepmother, after a particularly bad day sweeping the yurt, said, Why don't you go out, little woodcarver, and make me a new birch broom! At least that way you and your stupid knife would be of some use."

Glissa says "So Elga was dumb, and went out into the taiga by herself. She apologized to the birch before she started shaving it, which the tree seemed to like... myths are weird, you know? So the birch told her, um, honey, there's a tiger person behind you."

Glissa says "And Elga said. Whoops."

Adia chuckles.

Ilya laughs.

Caber snickers.

Glissa says "And the tiger person said, hello little girl, who do you belong to?"

Porthos laughs quietly.

Feinan chuckles.

Glissa says "Elga, not being that bright, said. 'Oh, I'm the daughter of the great hunter Soldinga!"

Spooner sips her cappucino.

Kevin Callahan winces slightly, grinning.

Glissa says "And the tiger said. 'oh really. Good, he tasted yummy.'"

Glissa says "So Elga ran between the two trunks of the birch tree, and the tiger jumped, and got her tail stuck in the notch."

Glissa says "Very embarassing."

Guest's eyes gleam.

Spooner says "Hate when that happens."

Glissa says "So Elga took her spear, being a good hunter and all, and put it through the tiger person's other eye, and then she was dead, you know, so Elga cut off the tail and brought it home."

Glissa says "The village was impressed. But Elga's mother said, how the hell am I going to sweep my floor with a tiger's tail?"

Feinan laughs.

Porthos smirks.

Ilya shakes his head and chuckles.

Kevin Callahan snickers.

Glissa says "So Elga's stepmother tried to get her to sew. Go get some reindeer fur, she said. Make a coat or something. It's almost winter."

Caber laughs.

Adia chuckles.

Glissa says "And Elga hadn't the first clue how to do this. Also, of course, reindeer coats are short in the summer, making it very, very ticklish to shear them. Elga was clueless."

Glissa says "Luckily, you know, she had her handy-dandy wooden reindeer."

Glissa says "So up says the reindeer. 'Elga? What is wrong?'""

Glissa says "And Elga says 'I >sniff< haf ta make a coat."

Glissa says "Out of ... >sniff< reindeer fur."

Glissa says "And the reindeer sighs."

Glissa says "So the reindeer obligingly... for that's the way wooden animals are, you know.. turns real long enough to give her his pelt, and she goes home and gives it to her stepmother."

Porthos blinks.

Glissa says "And her stepmother looks at the hide, and says, 'I said, sew, not SKIN!"

Glissa says "So her stepmother shakes her head and gives her one last try. 'Fine. You can't sew. Just go to my grandmother and fetch one of her needles, and it will do the work for you."

Caber smiles, bemused.

Glissa says "Now Grandmother lived very, very far away. So Elga doesn't really have a clue what to do, until. Of course. The wooden dog up and points out that she's got several dogs, and a sled, and it's getting towards winter and all..."

Adia smiles.

Glissa says "So the wooden dogs become real dogs and take her to this Grandmother person."

Glissa says "Now you know what startlingly wise thing grandmother points out?"

Feinan grins, and will play straight man. "What?"

Glissa says "She tells Elga. 'Honey. My granddaughter doesn't like you much."

Glissa says "Elga hadn't realized, see."

Spooner chuckles.

Feinan laughs, grinning.

Adia rolls her eyes, grinning.

Caber cough-snort-chuckles, in the middle of drinking.

Glissa says "So Grandmother gives Elga her sewing needle, and tells her, by the way. Give it to my granddaughter with its eye towards you."

Glissa says "Being a nice grandmother."

Glissa says "So Elga goes home, with the needle, and the dogs, and gives the needle to her stepmother. WIth the eye towards herself."

Glissa says "And it sews all the stepmother's fingers together."

Porthos grins.

Adia grins.

Glissa says "At this point, the stepmother gets a mite peeved."

Porthos chuckles.

Ilya says "That's a bit of a difficulty."

Kevin Callahan shakes his head, grinning.

Adia chuckles.

Glissa says "So she throws the wooden reindeer into the fire, and most of the dogs, and tries to throw Elga in, but at this point, the last dog picks up Elga, and runs to the roof of the yurt."

Glissa says "And up they go. And down Elga casts her spear."

Horatio has connected.

Caber grunchles. (Chuckle-grunts)

Glissa says "Which of course goes through the stepmother's eyes, and then, you know, she's dead."

Glissa says "And Elga goes up with the last dog, right up a moonbeam she goes, and up they go to live in the moon and be moon people."

Glissa says "But that's another story."

Spooner claps.

Glissa takes a sip of her tea. "Sewing. A skill one really ought to know."

Caber says "Gibbous Moon People?"

Adia claps.

Feinan claps, grinning. "Weird...but fun."

Ilya claps.

Guest gives Glissa a slow, wide smile. "I like that story."

Ilya says "I thought this wasn't going to have any gore."

Porthos claps, as well. He doesn't understand the story, but seems to like it, all the same.

Horatio steps in and studies the crowd curiously before sitting at a table in a far off corner.

Kevin Callahan smiles, clapping.

Glissa looks up at the newcomer and, um, well. She dips her eyes with a faint sheepish smile, and hides behind her teacup.

Feinan says "Who's next?"


Porthos sips his espresso.

Glissa looks over at the musician. "Sir Stewart?" She smiles. "You wouldn't know a good story, or even a bad one, to share with present company?"

Feinan chuckles. "Sounds like people are worn out...."

Feinan waves over the waiter, and orders some coffee, and a piece of the blackberry cobbler with ice cream.

Adia sips her coffee, finishing it. She snags Feinan's waiter for another cup.

Porthos looks at you.

Guest raises one eyebrow at the sudden silence in the room.

You can hear a pin drop.... >ping!<

Feinan looks up from waiting. "What? No one?" He shrugs. "I guess I can do another Kipling..."

Porthos shrugs. "Hey... Don't look at me. I only know some... stories."

Glissa says "Oh please. I like watching you Kiple."

Feinan chuckles at Porthos. "If they're like that one, I'm almost afraid to ask."

Kevin Callahan grins.

Feinan grins at Glissa. "All right..." He rises to his feet.

Feinan stands, leaving the table.

Porthos cocks his head at Feinan. "What one? The Silverstien?"

Adia says, "Go for it, Feinan."

Feinan nods to Porthos, grinning.

Guest sits forward in her chair.

Porthos smirks, shaking his head and listening.

Feinan smiles, and starts to sing. "He that hath a gospel to loose upon mankind, though he serve it utterly, body, soul, and mind. Though he go to Calvary daily for its gain, it is his disciple shall make the labor vain."

Feinan says "He that hath a gospel for all the earth to own, though he etch it into steel, or carve it on the stone. Not to be mistaken, through the after days, it is his disciple shall read it many ways."

Guest looks at the time, curses quietly, and begins to make her way out as unobtrusively as possible.

Adia smiles slightly.

Feinan says "It is his disciple, before those bones are dust, who will change the charter, who will slip the trust. Amplify distinctions, rationalize the claim, preaching that the master, would have done the same."

Glissa waves at Guest. Give thy housemate a hug from me.

Feinan says "It is his disciple, who shall us how much the master would have scrapped, had he lived til now. What he would have modified of what he said before. It is his disciple shall do all this and more."

Ali walks in from the bookshop.

Ali slips in.

Feinan grins. "He that hath a gospel whereby heaven is won. Carpenter or cavalier or Maya's dreaming son. Many swords shall pierce him, mingling blood with gall. But his own disciple, yea the master's own disciple, aye his very own disciple, shall wound his worst of all...."

Feinan grins, as he winds down. "Kipling...gotta love it."

Ilya laughs.

Adia claps. "hear, hear."

Ilya says "Such an optimist."

Kevin Callahan claps. "D-definitely." He grins.

Horatio looks up from his book, nods a well-done to Feinan and continues reading.

Feinan goes over to eat his cobbler, which arrived during his singing.

Feinan sits down at the long oak-and-marble counter.

Feinan sits down and joins you.

Adia sips her coffee.

Glissa likes it, and claps quietly.

Horatio sits down at the small table next to the south window.

Porthos smiles at Feinan. "Yup, that was Kipling, all right..."

Feinan grins, finishing a bite of cobbler, and taking a sip of coffee. "Yep, Kipling in truth..."

Adia nods.

Feinan grins. "All right....who's next..."

Glissa says "What's on second."

Glissa says "And I donno is on third."

Adia chuckles.

Glissa snirfs, and goes back to her tea.

Porthos finishes his large cup of espresso, smiling at Glissa.

Feinan chuckles.

Kevin Callahan looks puzzled a moment, then grins.

Spooner says "So, that's it?"

Porthos calls out "Hey, Glissa... What's Life?"

Feinan hmmms. "Well...I'm tired. Don't know. Anyone else here got something? Spooner? Porthos?"

Porthos shrugs. "I know notheen."

Kevin Callahan grins.

Glissa says "42? No, wait..."

Horatio continues to read his book. "What sort of tales good innkeep?"

Feinan smiles. "Any you wish to tell....or sing. Poetry, stories, music, anything."

Ali takes the opportunity to sit down to the side, and order ... something cheap. An iced tea, as it happens, with extra lemon.